What To Do If Your Car Key Isn’t Working Properly?

What To Do If Your Car Key Isn’t Working Properly?

Your car is your companion, for better or for worse. Your car will probably go where you go, and maintaining it is crucial to ensure durability. However, there will, unfortunately, be times when your car will face difficulties, like when the car ignition won’t turn. When you face problems with your car ignition, you don’t have to start getting concerned. There are some simple tricks that you can use to get your ignition started, and if these don’t work, contacting a car locksmith is the best way to go.

Try Wiggling the Steering Wheel

Many steering wheels are made so that they lock as soon as the keys are removed. If you put in your key to the steering wheel and it doesn’t turn, try wiggling the steering wheel back and forth a little bit. Do not wiggle it too harshly, and try gently turning the key.

If you find that this is working, it might be that your car ignition was never at fault at all. Your steering wheel had just locked up.

Consider Lubricating the Lock

When you’ve had your car for quite a while and suddenly find that the ignition is not working, it might be because the ignition cylinder is jammed. In such cases, lubricating the cylinder is the ideal thing to do.

However, when it comes to lubrication, you shouldn’t use any old oil to do the job. There are specific lubricants for your ignition cylinder, including silicone-based ones. The lubricant will collect all the dust, grime, and other contaminants jamming your ignition.
You can find spray lubricants that make for easier application and working. Wait for a few minutes after lubricating the ignition and try turning the key.

Examine the Ignition Cylinder

Sometimes, even though you may feel like the problem is your key, it is your ignition cylinder in reality. While you might not have to replace or repair the entire cylinder, you will have to get a mechanic to see what can be done.

Before you call an auto locksmith, you might consider checking your ignition cylinder. If you don’t know how to check, consider getting a mechanic to check it.

Use Your Spare Key

When your key has been used considerably by you, it might have been subject to wear and tear. Your ignition might be stuck because your key is simply not doing the job it ought to do. When this is the case, it is time to whip out your spare key.

Check to see if your spare key is working in the ignition, and if it is, compare it to your standard key. If you see a clear difference, you might need to use your spare key until another key can be made.

Locksmith Coconut Creek LLC

There are many situations where your key just won’t turn in the ignition no matter what you do. It might be time to call locksmith Coconut Creek LLC in Florida, who can help you out when this happens. It will keep your costs low while ensuring that you can drive your car without hassles. Call 954-480-1843

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